Ostomy Care: 5 Easy Care Techniques to Become a Warrior

Ostomy Care: 5 Easy Care Techniques to Become a Warrior

Having Ostomy surgery can be frightening and extremely intimidating. Life definitely changes. It becomes crucial that you follow your physician’s instructions to avoid complications. We’ve narrowed down some of the best advice from experts around the nation. This advice will give you an easy and concise understanding to become an Ostomy care warrior!

Change Your Pouch on an Empty Stomach

To change and prevent any output, getting a full night’s sleep on an empty stomach and changing first thing in the morning is your best bet. If you struggle with hunger in the morning and it has become a part of your daily regimen, try something small and nutrient-packed. For instance, a spoonful of pure nut butter or half a piece of large fruit (just be sure to chew fully and carefully!).

Change Appliances after a Shower

Not only will this ensure that your skin remains healthy and clean, but will also ingrain it into your daily routine seamlessly. Taking your shower free of your pouch will not only keep everything clean but can also be an incredibly freeing experience! Your output should also be minimal if you are showering and changing your pouch first thing in the morning. This can be good for both your health and psyche during this entire process. Reattach your pouch once you step out of the shower to prolong the life, use, and keep your skin healthy.

Remove Hair around Your Stoma

This process will help you in the long run for adhesive purposes along with minimizing pain upon removal. One of the easiest and safest ways to remove hair around the Stoma is to use an electric razor. This will prevent cutting the skin or damaging the Stoma. If you prefer the traditional razor method, do so while you’re taking that morning shower. We suggest using a non-lubricated razor and mild soap. Also, try to avoid going over the area multiple times. As a result, this can irritate skin and cause further complications. Should you have any cuts around your Stoma, speak with your healthcare physician to discuss options in the meantime as you heal.

Flush the Toilet as You Empty Your Pouch

Not only will this keep your process discreet, but can also aid in preventing backsplash. Creating a kind of funnel using the toilet paper and seat covers will allow simple and efficient emptying. As opposed to a massive mess or distracting experience. We suggest sitting on the toilet backward which can aid you in this process of creating a paper funnel.

Use Saline Wipes

NEVER use baby wipes or scented adult wipes to clean the area around your Stoma. These wipes often contain chemicals or are non-sterile. As a result, they can leave residue on the skin that prevents the wafer from sticking. This can turn your pouch change into a nightmare. If you are confused about which wipes are safe to use, talk to your primary care physician or nurse. Another option is to use a washcloth and water.  A washcloth and plain water will always do the trick, but are not always the most convenient in quick situations.

You may have an Ostomy now, but that does not change who you are. You will become a pro at caring for yourself in this newfound way in no time. We are here to support you along the way. If you have questions about your supplies or locating supplies, Better Living Now’s Care Coordinators can assist you.  Feel free to reach out to our customer care team at any time should you have questions, comments, or concerns about your Ostomy supplies or techniques.

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