How to Manage Your Diabetes in Summer Heat

How To Manage Your Diabetes in Summer Heat

We often look forward to a change of seasons and warmer temperatures. But if you have diabetes, you may be especially sensitive to the summer weather. You may be wondering how to manage our diabetes in the summer heat and we have some insight for you.

Extreme heat can affect your blood sugar control. If you use insulin or your blood sugars aren’t effectively controlled, you could be at higher risk during the summer months. Worsening blood sugar control is often the main concern, and depending on your level of activity, developing low blood sugars may also be a concern.

Extreme temperatures can also damage your medications and testing equipment. It’s important to get a handle on your blood sugar control before you engage in summer fun. If your blood sugars are mostly higher than 250 mg/dl, it’s recommended to improve your blood sugar control before engaging in heavy physical activity — regardless of the climate and the temperature, as recommended by the ADA.

Don’t allow the heat to keep you indoors.

Also, make sure to stay hydrated since persons with diabetes have a tendency to lose water from their bodies more quickly.  When your body remains hydrated you can regulate your body temperature better. Persons with diabetes can’t cool their body temperatures as effectively, due to certain complications like nerve damage. This can lead to heat exhaustion and stroke which are medical emergencies. In addition, not drinking adequate fluids can raise blood sugar. Raised blood sugar can cause you to urinate more, causing dehydration. So, be careful in the heat. Check your blood sugar more often and drink plenty of water!

Follow all these tips to help manage your diabetes while enjoying the outdoors:



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