5 Surprising Ways A Hands-Free Breast Pump Can Stand Out For The Mom On The Go

5 Surprising Ways A Hands-Free Breast Pump Can Stand Out For The Mom On The Go

Hands-free breast pumps are currently the rage but are they as beneficial as everyone makes them seem? If you are always on the go, a hands-free breast pump may be in your future. Let’s investigate the features of this game-changing technology. 

Freedom: Hands-free or wearable breast pumps make portability its number one benefit. With these devices, you can pump wherever you go! It being battery powered give moms the flexibility they need to discreet while on the go. These breast pumps weigh less for transport than traditional pump. Many standard pumps work with a hands-free pumping bra, or you can purchase hands-free cups separately to work with your standard breast pump.

Discreet Comfort: These wearable pumps fit comfortably in a nursing or regular bra. These pumps assist with feeling relaxed when pumping in public. They’re quiet and discreet when pumping so no one will even know!

Ease: Hands-free breast pumps are very easy to set up and operate. You just need a bra to secure the cups in place and start pumping. It’s that easy!

Time-Savings: With a wearable or hands-free pump you can change up your daily routine. These devices give you the ability to multi-task while you’re pumping. Get ready for work, go shopping, read a book, or if have errands or chores to do; you can use these pumps while getting all this done. You’ll also save time on cleaning these units. Many don’t have tubing or flanges to clean or deal with.

Coverage:  The Affordable Care Act requires most health insurance plans to cover breastfeeding services and supplies. Many plans allow you to use your insurance benefits toward the cost of an upgraded breast pump so your initial investment may be of no or minimal investment. Locate a breast pump supplier that can provide recommendation for a pump based on personalized needs with cost, if any.

It’s always good to weigh out your options as most insurance plans will cover one pump in conjunction with each new pregnancy. You want to be sure that this breast pump model is one you see yourself using for some time and that you’re happy with it.  

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