Top Breastfeeding Challenges

Sore nipples: Many moms say that their nipples feel tender when they first start breastfeeding. Hence, if your nipples are cracked or bleeding, use a hydrogel pad to keep your bra from sticking to your nipple. As a result, this will reduce pain and help your nipple heal faster. For instance, you can also use a nipple cream which will help.

Low milk supply: Moms sometimes worry about whether they are making enough milk for baby. As a result, you can combine smaller amounts of milk expressed at different times to make a full feeding.

Cluster feeding and growth spurts: In cluster feedings, your baby feeds very frequently. Therefore, growth spurts sometimes cause an increase in feeding.

Engorgement: Engorgement is when your breasts feel very full.  Additionally, this may be painful and be one of the top breastfeeding challenges.

Plugged duct: A plugged duct feels like a tender and sore lump in the breast. Ultimately, it is caused by a milk duct that does not drain properly.

Fungal infection: Infections can occur on your nipples or in your breast.

Nursing strike: This is when your baby suddenly refuses to breastfeed, after breastfeeding well for months. This can cause breastfeeding challenges.

Breast and nipple size and shape: Women with all shapes and sizes of breasts and nipples can breastfeed. Consequently, some adjustments may help.

Exhaustion: Caring for a newborn can be tiring. Thus, breastfeeding may feel harder when you are exhausted.

Feeling like you can’t leave your baby: Therefore, frequent feedings can leave you feeling like you don’t have any time for yourself.

Feelings of sadness or depression: These feelings may come with being a new mom. These are normal breastfeeding challenges you may face.

Dealing with judgment: Others may not always support your decision to breastfeed.

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