Top 3 Ways to Improve the Life of Your Family Caregiver

Top 3 Ways You can Improve the Life of Your Family Caregiver

Family caregivers can be anyone who cares for relatives or loved ones. The efforts might be for a member of the caregiver’s family of origin or his or her family of choice, such as a friend, neighbor, support-group member or life partner. In either instance, the term “family caregiver” is a non-professional who provides unpaid care for others. As a result, we can show them appreciation and help improve life of a caregiver.

They are always there for whoever may need them. Family caregivers are nothing short of incredible. Many are making a financial sacrifice and giving an extraordinary amount of time. Family caregivers should be shown gratitude every day!

Here are some easy ways to show your support network that you care:

Tell Them!

Whether it be verbal or through a handwritten note, let your caregiver know just how much they mean to you. You may think they know, but telling them ensures it. This can go a long way! Let them know how positively they’ve affected your life. Oftentimes, when people provide care for those who need it, it can be incredibly reassuring to receive feedback. You could send a text letting them know how helpful they have been. Express how it’s impacting others can make a difference in their lives. Spread the word of gratefulness. Let your family caregiver know they are worth your time and attention.

Organize the Holidays

The holidays can be a great source of joy. As a family caregiver, this can be an added source of stress. According to a new AARP survey, 7 in 10 family caregivers say it is emotionally stressful to care for loved ones during the holiday season. Online shopping has been a blessing for holiday presents, meals, and much more. Think about working with others on either cooking or purchasing holiday meals. You can always make a few of the traditional dishes to keep the holiday spirit alive. Host a decorating party to assist with the spreading of yuletide joy. Start some new traditions, including ones that will beat away those post-holiday blues.

Give Them a Day Off

Make alternative plans for just one day. Give your family caregiver a day to treat themselves. Give them a day at the spa, a treat to their favorite food fare. Something simple like giving them a full day off can make a big difference in enjoying their loved ones upon return to their family caregiving commitment. Family caregiving is often a full-time, around the clock job. By being proactive and making alternative plans that can leave them worry-free (or at least mostly worry-free) will be like a breath of fresh air. Let them enjoy the day! You might also decide to increase this to a few days a month. Giving them the time to refresh will do everyone a world of good.

TOP INFLUENCER BONUS TIP: Name Them and Give Them Support!

This bonus is from top corporate influencer and good friend of ours, Gregory L. Johnson, Emblem Health’s Chief Advisor for Family Caregiving – Office of the CEO. Gregory states, “They should be named the family caregiver. They have a title and it is hard-earned. Some people are not aware of this title. It adds dignity and gives them a clue on how to find help. It is very much a full-time job. Often one is juggling family and work commitment.”

Gregory L. Johnson and Emblem Health provide many resources for family caregivers. They have a wonderful support system and video series, “You are not alone”.

“Your commitment to family caregivers and the focus expressed here are dynamic, positive, and revolutionary,” says Gregory. “With this kind of education, support, and resources, family caregivers can indeed survive and thrive. They are not alone and are so appreciated. We at Emblem Health salute you, Better Living Now, and are honored to partner with you in this exciting mission. “

Gregory states, “Wherever in the world I am privileged to speak, I begin the same way. I would like to share this with all family caregivers. The two words family caregivers rarely if ever hear: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You are the backbone of the world’s healthcare systems. Onward, in love and caring.”

We need not take these family caregivers for granted. With a word of thanks, you can immediately turn a sour day into a sweet one. Let them know how much they mean and how blessed you are to have them in your life and the life of your loved on

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